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Sep 2, 2020

Crit Academy discusses Armaments of Legacy, a new Dungeons and Dragons DMsguild supplement to enhance your 5th Edition Game.

Don't outgrow. Evolve! Armaments of Legacy expands well-known magical weapons, armor, and spellcasting items, transforming them into storied relics that evolve and grow alongside your characters.

This product provides the following:

  • Every Item Has a Story: Integrate legacy bonds with existing tables in the Dungeon Master's Guide to turn conventional magic items into fabled armaments.

  • Not Just Another +1 Sword: Legacy items increase in power to match the experience of its wielder. Familiar items such as a sword of sharpness and staff of the magi have been expanded into upgradable items usable at any tier of play.

  • Customize Your Relics: Use the optional runestone and runecasting system to take control of when and how legacy items grow throughout your campaign.

Show Notes:
Armaments of Legacy:
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