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Dec 8, 2021

10 Dungeons & Dragons World Building Tips

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"When playing Dungeon & Dragons, there's nothing quite like being the Dungeon Master. While players are able to experience exciting adventures and play their characters with more freedom than nearly any other type of game can allow, DMs are in control of the entire world the campaign inhabits. In addition to controlling all NPCs, a DM is responsible for creating a fleshed-out world for players to explore. The type of world a DM establishes can vary greatly, drawing influences from everything from their favorite video games to their favorite shows.

While this may appear daunting at first to new DMs, there are many ways to develop the world of a campaign and provide a campaign with a great deal of diversity. So today, we're going to examine ten things that new Dungeon Masters can do to improve their world-building skills for their campaigns!"

Paul Disalvo

In this episode, we discuss 10 Dungeons & Dragons World Building Tips from by Paul Disalvo. We add our own thoughts and comments to an already wonderful article.

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