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Jun 5, 2019

The word barbarians brings to mind certain images. Snowbound brutes with fur cloaks and broad swords, their long hair whipping in the wind as they howl savage battle cries, undeterred by the exhaustion and pain that would plague mortal men. Hulking tribesmen on the endless tundra, their spears and hands bloody from the long day's hunt for game and enemies alike. Or, if you're a cultured sort of gamer geek, you might picture some of the old pulp magazine covers that prominently featured Conan, Kull, and the other barbarians created by Robert E. Howard and his ilk.

This week we delve into 50 Shades of Rage: Flavoring the Barbarian's Signature Power an amazing article from Neal Litherland on the many ways you can give your barbarians rage a unique feel and experience, without changing the mechanic.

Read the whole article here:

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