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Feb 2, 2022

Bard College of Percussion for Dungeons & Dragons

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Best-selling Dmsguild author Chan Lensch joins us to share a bit about his work and talk with us about his passion project the Bard College of Percussion.

The bards of percussion manipulate the emotions of those around them. They are excellent communicators, know the hearts of those around them, and are in tune with their surroundings whether on or off the battlefield.

The bards of the college of percussion are popular in the large armies of nobles and kings, as well as the humble war-bands of barbarian tribes and other savages. This shows that the percussive arts speak to all, regardless of their station and rank.

Oh, did we mention that it comes with a fleshed-out faction? Bonus! There are some pretty cool backgrounds, subclasses and not to mention the great detail on instruments in here. The backgrounds really intrigued me. One thing really caught my eye is in the background. There is street musician, military drummer, but the one I’m most interested in is the shaman. This is the first time we’ve seen a functional mechanical feature for a background (that I can think of). What interested to know what drove this decision. This certainly invites more power to backgrounds, but is that a bad thing? You can decide and share your thoughts during the live show.

Inside this product has packed a lot of awesome into this slamming project.

  • 2 New Bard Colleges

  • 3 Unique Backgrounds

  • 17 Percussion Instruments

  • A Unique Faction: Seekers of Kurtulmak

  • A Lair and Short Adventure

  • 3 NPC Percussionists

  • 12 Original Magical Percussion Instruments

Join us on youtube live as we walk through this fantastic product and the great detail that went into it. If you love bards, this is an absolute must-have supplement!

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