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Jan 25, 2017

On this episode we answer a question from Crit Nation in regards to training up ability scores outside of ability score improvements gained when leveling.

In our main topic we do a deep dive into the Druid and Ranger classes and give you are thoughts on the different skills they have and examples of effective ways to use them.

In our Unearthed tips and tricks segment we introduce a new tip and trick. The Monster Variant the Kobold Slinger!

Character Concept: The Special Little Orc

Encounter: The Sludge Pit

Magic Item: Earrings of Telecommunication!

DM tip: Guiding New or Young Players

Player tip: Don't be a dick! Don't Metegame

Crit Academy is a weekly Dungeons and Dragons podcast that is released every Wednesday. Our show was created to provide guidance to our heroes as well as provide new and reusable material for both players and DMs. We hope to inspire you with creative content that you can bring with you on your next adventure.

While our content is focused on D&D5e many of our ideas and concepts and ideas can be applied to all forms of roleplay and rpg systems.

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