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Mar 23, 2022

Is Dungeons and Dragons kid-friendly?

Absolutely! The streamlined 5e ruleset is great for children. The complexity of 5e can be a bit much for some younger kids, settings like Aloria are PERFECT for it! So, are you prepared to embark on a fantastic journey to the adorable world full of adorable and furry characters? Well, strap in as we discuss the cute Kickstarter Fates End - Furhaven.

The World of Aloria is a place of mystery and danger where adorable characters undertake dangerous quests to protect their families and homes. The main hub of commerce and civilization is the settlement of Furhaven, a large community of humble Furs from throughout the forests, pastures, and sunny spaces. Furhaven is an exciting campaign setting for 5th Edition, full of colorful characters, magical items and spells, new races, and daring adventures.

In this episode, we interview Kim Bourrie, creator of Fates-End: Furhaven. Come and join us as we pick her brain on this cute and fuzzy 5e world for you and your family.

Learn more and Back this wonderful project. While you're there, pick up their complimentary copy Furhaven preview adventure "The Lost Library".

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