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Jul 21, 2021

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The fantastic Youtuber and Dungeons and Dragons content creator Zipperon Disney joins us to talk Galder's Gazetteer! This is a close personal project of his and we are excited to have him on to share details on the project's journey and contents.

Galder's Gazetteer is a 5e supplement for advanced players & GMs that expands the game by adding new actions, conditions, and martial options. Integrated with the expanded rules there are a host of new player options, a GM toolkit, and two one-shot adventures in this 192 pg full-color book.

The wizard Galder has traveled to many, many worlds. Along his journeys, he has taken notes on the mysterious and fantastic things he's encountered.

A while back, a young guy named Laurence made a post on online. Laurence shared that he had a rare form of cancer and only had weeks to live. He wanted something to be remembered by and asked if there was any way his character could be added to the game’s lore.

With kindness, a whole group of the community got together and, while they couldn’t make it “official”, they said they would be honored to include his character as an NPC in their home games, to exist in their worlds. To keep living in their stories.

But this book goes a step further. Galder’s Gazetteer describes his journeys through all those worlds. This expansion to 5e is framed as Galder’s notes on how things are done differently across the multiverse including:

  • Expanded actions, conditions, and martial options

  • 3 new Classes, 8 variant classes, and 35 archetypes

  • 20 ancestries, 11 feats, and 40 new spells

  • Monster templates, environments, traps, curses, and other challenges

  • Two one-shot adventures for 5th and a 15th level

For a Cause

100% of proceeds from the sales of this book are being donated to the Cancer Research Institute. You can read more about Laurence’s story and what you can do to support youth early diagnosis at

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