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Jul 22, 2020

Crit Academy discusses Total Party Kill Games Recovery Dice Options: Introduced in Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition, Recovery Dice, otherwise known as Hit Dice, allows a character to recover hit points without the need for healing potions or cure wounds spells. This serves to extend the adventuring day by delaying the party’s need to return to civilization, which in turn allows characters to continue exploring dungeons, looting crypts, and slaying monsters. As described in the core rules, recovery Dice represent a fire and forget healing system requiring minimal bookkeeping. As a result, most players tend to forget about Recovery Dice in the middle of a fight.

Recovery Dice Options takes the concept and runs with it. Rather than relegating Recovery Dice to the role of emergency healing, this sourcebook provides a range of optional ways for characters to use this mechanic. These options extend this game mechanic far beyond the realm of healing. Does your barbarian desperately need another rage? Could your wizard benefit from regaining a spent spell slot? Desperately need to shake off a condition affecting your character so you can prevent a TPK? This sourcebook provides these possibilities and many, many more.

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