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Aug 11, 2021

Do you ever second guess a ruling in your Dungeons & Dragons? Do you want help ensuring you make the best ruling possible? If so, then check out these Top 5 Questions to Ask to Make Good Rulings in D&D.

As Dungeon Masters, we often find ourselves having to make rulings on the fly. Either because it isn’t covered in the rules, we don’t fully know all the rules, or we just don’t have a way to look up other answers. Though, let's be honest, even looking up rules really slows down the game, and interrupts the flow. Using these questions, you ensure that you always make the best ruling possible, with, or without the rulebooks. We delve into each of these giving our thoughts and sharing our experiences.

5. Does it make sense?

4. Is it fair?

3. How much does it really matter?

2. Does it radically change the story or campaign?

1. Does it add to the fun of the group?

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