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Jan 12, 2022

Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition has certainly taken a different approach to their game design from past editions. They opened their playtest material to fans to play and experiment with mechanics and themes before the official release using their Unearthed Arcana. So you can bet your ass that we follow these releases pretty closely and choose what to cover. Well, there was no way in the Nine Hells we're going to miss out on talking (and speculating) on the details in the Travelers of the Multiverse UA.

Inside we found a plethora of content that is just...out of this world. Astral elves with radiant souls? Check. mechanical gnomes built by rock gnomes? Check. Insectile creatures encased in a protective chitin? Check. Giant flying squirrels? Check. Also...rules for playing an ooze? Hell yeah, and there is more! As I said, just totally alien. We have hive hopes and thoughts on this Unearthed Arcana. Come join us as we discuss the mechanics and speculate the future of our adventures beyond our homeworlds.

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