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Feb 17, 2021

The world of Dungeons and Dragons is packed with a variety of sentient races. The diversity of these races is what makes the world such a unique place. Cultures, personalities, behavior, etc. Each one is unique for each race. Beyond that, each race even breaks off into subraces based on location, history, wants, and desires. Volo's Complete Subrace Handbook expands on those that exist within the world of Faerun and adds some new ones.

Crit Academy is joined by special guest host DnD TikToker Aelx Bomb. Together we discuss the best-selling Dmsguild D&D supplement, Volo's Complete Subrace Handbook.

Revisiting favorites from previous editions, this handbook is designed to give DMs and players a wealth of new options when it comes to character creation and advancement. Version 1.0 takes the handbook to the next level, with an incredible 50 subraces, 30 racial variants, and 32 racial feats for your 5e D&D adventures. Join us as we share some examples and give our thoughts on the variety of options and the balance of their new features.

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