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Mar 31, 2021

In Dungeons and Dragons the game transitions from local problems to national problems to global problems. Eventually, your characters build renown and recognition with those around the world.

Strongholds and Followers seeks to recreate an old-school style of play, giving the players reasons to build strongholds such as castles and interact with those who follow your characters.

In this book you will find rules for four types of strongholds: keeps help you raise armies and improve your fighting ability, temples help you summon extraplanar allies to aid you in battle, towers let you research new spells, and establishments let you collect secrets and generate cash.

Every stronghold also improves your signature class feature, powering up your Bardic Inspiration or your monk’s Ki. Strongholds grant improved class features because they draw power from the land itself.

Join by special guest: Aelx Bomb. We give our thoughts on this fantastic product.

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