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Aug 29, 2018

Brutes are simple warriors who rely on mighty attacks and their own durability to overcome their enemies. Some brutes combine this physical might with tactical cunning. Others just hit things until those things stop hitting back. We discuss the player options available in this Unearthed Arcana release.

Our show may not...

Aug 22, 2018

Druids of the Circle of Spores find beauty in decay. They see within mold and other fungi the ability to transform lifeless material into abundant, albeit somewhat strange, life. These druids believe that life and death are portions of a grand cycle, with one leading to the other and then back again. Death is not the...

Aug 15, 2018

Today we discuss Metamorphica a book with a collection of biological, psychic, and supernatural mutations, all grouped into tables so results can be randomly selected, using dice. These can be used for monsters, npc's or even player characters.

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Metamorphica - Classic:

Aug 10, 2018

Campaign Achievements

What is a campaign achievement?

It is a predefined goal that the players must achieve in game. In video games for instance, a player may earn them just playing thru the game, but some can only be earned with very specific circumstances, thus giving the player some sort of self satisfaction, or a...

Aug 1, 2018


We discuss the different styles of cliffhangers and how best to incorporate them into your game.

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