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Jul 7, 2021

The legendary Dungeon Dudes joins Crit Academy to talk about their homebrew world Dungeons of Drakkenheim and its record breaking Kickstarter project!

If you don't know, Dungeons of Drakkenheim follows the conflict and comedy-filled adventures of a brash prince, a streetwise survivor, and a meddlesome mage as they confront monsters and mystery in the meteor-blasted ruins of a fantasy city.

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e actual play campaign presented by the DUNGEON DUDES! Featuring Monty Martin, Kelly McLaughlin, Jill Danaitis, and Joe O'Gorman.

We're excited to have Kelly and Monty on to tell us a bit about themselves and their projects. Their most memorable D&D moments. The best piece of gaming advice they've ever received. Their process on building the world of Drakkenheim and so much more.

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