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Mar 25, 2020

Episode 162: 100 Weapon Histories
When playing Dungeons and Dragons some players can spend hours upon hours developing their characters backstory. For some, this may just be how long it takes to decide on a concept that can be explained in a few sentences, while others will write out pages and pages of content. In either case, very rarely does the player include lore and history of their equipment. This simple and minute detail is a huge lost opportunity, not only for the player, but for the DM as well. Today we cover "100 Weapon Histories" by DnDSpeak  a list of 100 interesting weapon stories is great for adding fantastic stories to mundane or magical weapons. A player can take their roleplay to the next level but using these histories in their characters background, or adventuring career. These also make for a great DM plot hook. A weapon used to murder a queen? I bet it's famous enough to be recognized by servants of the slain queen.

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