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Mar 9, 2022

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I saw a DnD meme some time ago that got me thinking. It said "GM Tips for Embracing DM's Truths". Now, normally I just keep scrolling, but the details caught me and got me pondering a few things. So I wanted to get the guys' perspectives and share my own thoughts on them. Below are a number of truths that underlie the process of running RPGs, and they’re worth the time it takes to regularly review them. We even add our own truths.

  • Everyone-you and the players alike-plays an RPG to have fun.
  • Players often don't care as much as you think.
  • Players want to see their characters do awesome things.
  • As the GM, you are not the enemy. A GM should always be a fan of the characters.
  • Players love breaking the game. You should too-and then let the game evolve rather than have a game-breaking scenario become the norm.

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