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Apr 21, 2021

Foundry VTT

What is a virtual tabletop, or โ€œVTTโ€? For our purposes, is an all-in-one solution for using the internet to play tabletop RPGs. When you use a VTT, you can play Dungeons and Dragons or almost any other RPG with your friends without needing to be sitting at the same table. This makes it viable to play with long-distance or socially distanced people.

Let's be honest. The pandemic has been horrible worldwide. Where we once gathered weekly with our friends, we must now do over the internet. For a social game like Dungeons and Dragons, this is a notably different way to experience the game. Fortunately for powerful resources such as Foundry VTT, we can still gather at our tables. All be it in a social distancing manner now.

Foundry is certainly a beautiful Virtual Tabletop platform. Unlike some of its competitors, it does have an upfront ONE-TIME investment cost of $50. But honestly, that isn't any more cost than a new hardcover RPG book. The difference is that it is useful across many different RPG games. Making it extremely versatile. One thing that really stands out, and that expands on its versatility, is that it allows other content creators tons of mods to enhance the experience. Kinda like DLC in a game. This adds an absolute plethora of content to the VTT experience, as it is extremely customizable.

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