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Sep 15, 2021

How do you write a D&D Campaign Your Players will LOVE?

Everyone wants to be the Dungeon Master (DM), but writing a Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) campaign can be intimidating. As long-time players and game designers, we want to share with you our tips for ensuring your adventure is fun for everyone.

By the end, you will be writing adventures that your players will be talking about for years.

Whether you’re a player or a Dungeon Master, you have probably been in a D&D campaign at some point in your life.  However, finding a toolbox to write amazing Dungeons and Dragons is what can make a difference between a fun Saturday night and the BEST Saturday night your group has ever had. And that is exactly why we wrote: “How To Write A D&D Campaign Your Players Will LOVE!”.

Join us as we discuss these fantastic tips. We hope you will share with us and all of Crit Nation all of your own tips and tricks to writing D&D campaigns that your players will love!

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