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Apr 1, 2020

Crit Academy covers UltraModern5 Redux or U5, a supplement designed to offer classes, backgrounds, feats, skills, rules, equipment, and opponents for settings outside of traditional ones involving dragons and dungeons, though still employing D&D 5th Edition rules. This book is an expansion of the core 5E rules and thus does not reprint material from core books required for play.

There are new classes presented in Ultramodern5, and although similar in build to those in official 5th Edition licensed products, readers will notice a few notable exceptions.

Firstly, all U5 classes have martial archetype options, and unlike their fantasy counterparts, offer these options at the same levels. Archetypes are no longer bound to specific classes, meaning you can feasibly match any class to any archetype.

There are also classes that are not combat-based—their power is not in how much damage they inflict, but how they can alter the course of a story.

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